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At the Faculty of Information Technologies (FIT) of NSU, bachelors and masters are being trained in the direction "Informatics and Computing". At the 1st and 2nd courses students receive a fundamental education in informatics, mathematics, physics, and humanities, and then, starting from the third year, depending on the chosen specialization, they are trained in various areas  from system programming to modern computer and microprocessor architectures. The students of the faculty not only listen to lectures of outstanding scientists and specialists, but also have an opportunity to join the work of research teams of leading scientific schools and companies that employ FIT graduates.

The faculty includes the leading scientists of the institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and specialists of high-tech companies in Akademgorodok and Novosibirsk. The faculty teaches: one corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 40 doctors, 78 candidates of science. Leading specialists of Intel, Parallels, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Samsung, Schlumberger, Baker Atlas, Autodesk, Google, as well as high-tech Novosibirsk companies Inteks, SoftLab, Tornado, Ledas, Signax, Date East, Unipro, Alekta and others, members of the non-profit partnership of IT companies SibAcademSoft.

Software development companies, science-intensive companies of the Academgorodok, institutes of the SB RAS provide places for research and internship of students with the prospect of employment after receiving a diploma from the FIT.

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