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The Department of Applied Physics (OPF) is a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Physics (FF) of Novosibirsk State University. The department was formed in 1987 on the basis of the Laboratory of Applied Physics, the Laboratory of Thermohydrodynamics of Dispersed Systems, and the Laboratory of Quantum Electronics, SRD NSU, and is the assignee of the Laboratory of Applied Physics of SRD. The laboratory was founded in 1972. Since 1983 the head of the laboratory, and then the department is A.E. Zarvin. Currently, OPF includes laboratories of acousto-and electro-optics (supervisor Pasko P.G.), of ion-cluster technologies (Korobeyshchikov N.G.), of conversion technologies (Ezdin B.S.), of molecular kinetics (Zarvin A.E.) , of rare-earth materials, of synthesis of functional materials (Galashov E.N.), of heat transfer and fuel energy (Pashchenko S.E.), as well as the Center for Collective Use "Applied Physics" (deputy director A. Yaskin). Research areas: dynamics of rarefied gas; physical and chemical kinetics; low-temperature plasma; plasma chemistry; crystal chemistry; electron and molecular beams; mass spectrometry; technology for the production of functional materials and chemical products; acoustooptics; thermogasdynamics of disperse systems; hydroaerodynamics; physics of low-temperature and non-ideal plasma and its application in energy and environmentally friendly technologies; new materials and chemical products; materials for micro- and nanoelectronics; clusters; electron-ion-plasma technology. The department’s specialists have extensive experience in practical work with the country's enterprises, budgetary and governmental organizations, and experience in educational and methodical work in the field of education. During the existence of the laboratory and the Department of Applied Physics, full-time employees of the department, as well as attracted teachers of the Faculty of Physics and specialists from research institutes of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center, completed more than three hundred and fifty contractual research projects, several dozens of budget topics

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